Stuypend is an app-based payment system designed to save small independent merchants money and help them thrive. It's the easiest way to support small business in your community.

  • Paying with Stuypend is secure and seamless, and works just like a debit card.

  • Use Stuypend at all of your favorite local businesses to help them avoid credit card fees so they can invest more in their business and community.


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Stuypend is a mobile-based payment system designed to save small merchants money and help you grow. It doesn't require migration and can be used alongside an existing Point of Sale.

Instead of taking a percentage of each transaction, we charge only a low, flat monthly fee so that you can keep more of your own revenue.

Cash-only shops can now accept digital payments without losing a chunk of their revenue. Shops already accepting credit and debit can save on processing fees.


Our low flat monthly fee can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per month over credit card processing.


Customers confirm the total and any tips on their device, freeing you to serve the next customer and keep the line moving faster.


Coupons and loyalty: Send discounts and rewards directly to the right customers at the right time to get them back in the store. (Coming soon.)


How It Works

Stuypend uses secure ACH bank transfers to send payments from customers to merchants. Payments are initiated via mobile device so checkout is quick, seamless, and secure - transactions clear in 1-2 business days. For the customer, it’s just as if they paid with a debit card.

Stuypend can also be used alongside an existing PoS system, so there is no change necessary if you are already using Square or Shopkeep. Ring your customers up as you normally would on your current PoS, then use Stuypend to complete the payment to avoid processing fees.

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Step One

Ring the customer up as you normally would on your current point of sale. Mark the transaction as a Stuypend sale (or use an existing label like "check"), then punch the total into the Stuypend app.

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Step Two

The customer receives the bill on their phone by tapping the merchant device (via secure NFC) or by scanning a QR code.

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Step Three

Customer confirms the total and tip on their phone and authorizes payment from their bank account to yours. You’ll see the full bill amount in your bank account in 1-2 business days, with no % fees.


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