Details on Sign Up Promotions for Stuypend - Updated 8/14


New users who sign up to use Stuypend can get up to $9 in rebates on their first 3 purchases using the Stuypend app ($3 off each purchase over $4). We may refer to these promotional incentives as "discounts" but they are applied as rebates that are paid directly to customers. Merchants will not apply a discount at check-out (unless otherwise specified) and customers will generally receive their rebate on qualifying purchases as a deposit in 24-48 hours.

The rebate is only applicable on the first 3 purchases of a new Stuypend user. Each purchase must be at a different Stuypend location and total at least $4. Purchases under $4 and purchases after the 3rd purchase or at a previously visited merchant are not eligible for the rebate.

These rules will apply to users whose first purchase is made on or after August 14 2018, even if they signed up for Stuypend before that date.